The Big Picture

Few would dispute the fact that good and evil exist in the world. They are opposites being contrary to each other. Some examples of opposites would be Light and darkness, heat and cold, truth and falsehood, joy and pain, life and death, mortality and immortality.

Long ago there was a war in Heaven (Heaven being a place where immortals reside) one third of these immortals (fallen Angels) were removed from out of heaven onto the earth. They are the adversaries of those who still reside in heaven; and the war continues. This war is known as the war of "Good and Evil", no information on when this war started has been provided to us. For all we can determine the beginning of this war may have been before the earth itself was created. However we do have information on how this war will end, and the events which will take place leading up to the final climatic end of this terrible war. With the ending of this war of wars the adversaries (Both mortal and immortal) who are known as the wicked are all destined for a place called Hell.

The critical thing to understand is that before they are placed into hell the fallen angels (Devils) are involved in testing the ethics of all mankind. The main adversary was formerly named Lucifer, now known as Satan who is called the devil for very good reasons. The adversary's whole agenda boils down to taking as many mortals as he can down into the bowels of hell with him and the other fallen angels. Deception in its many forms is what he utilizes to test the will, ethics, and knowledge of man. Those whom the adversary can convince to adopt Satan's methods are drawn over into doing the devils work. Keep in mind despite all the temporary wealth one may obtain, the devil will never reveal that those who submit to his will that they too will burn for eternity in hell.

As human beings we come into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing. That which is retained of our lives is a record of our works, whether they are "Good or evil". Lies and money are major tools used to deceive and bribe the unwary into adopting the adversary's evil methods. All the followers of Satan find a way of adhering to the devil's plans for the world. For it's our individual works that will ultimately determine our fate. Our fate meaning our permanent existence not our temporary (Mortal) existence. In this war the two opposing sides of this conflict are Almighty God who endeavors to build up his creation, and his adversary the devil who works to tear down and destroy it.

To gain insight let us go all the way back to the beginning of creation, we find the first two human beings created fell for the adversary's tricks causing death to be part of mankind's existence. It stands to reason that God himself being immortal would make those created in his image to also be immortal. The original plan for the human race had nothing to do with death. The original plan suffered a set-back though deception caused by the adversary.

Before this set-back man had no knowledge of evil which set him on a clear path to a blessed state of immortality. There was warning that death would occur as a result of violating Almighty God's implicit instructions concerning the knowledge of good and evil. In keeping his promise the first man who was created died, and everyone since then has lived and died. Some of the first humans created in the times Adam (the first man) lived hundreds of years, this too helps to illustrate God intentions was for man to be immortal. Adam himself lived 930 years

The key point to recognize in scripture is that God's original plan was only "set-back", and "not rescinded". Immortality is what was intended for the human race, and understanding the true meaning of Holy Scripture gives one a definite advantage in determining one's own fate.

According to Scripture the creation is not yet finished, it's still a work in progress and the evil that flourishes in the world today is of the adversary Satan. On the other hand, all knowledge wisdom and understanding rests with the Most High. Our Lord the creator of heaven and earth will determine who's worthy to continues on, and experience the type of world that was always intended for his creation.

It will be the end of one era and the start of another, not the end of the world as the devil would have one to believe. After the war of Armageddon and the son of Almighty God establishes sovereignty over the entire earth, a new beginning will take place comparable only to the new start that took place after the great flood. Heaven and hell will exist here on earth just as Holy Scripture instructs us. The exact location of this future place called Hell has not been provided to us by Holy Scripture. However based on valid research and well reasoned speculation the possible location of the place called Hell could be the Dead Sea area.

This speculation about Hell's "location" is not written in the Bible so it may or may not prove to be accurate. Holy Scripture does provided descriptions of hell and a sizable amount of details concerning the future existence of hell, but information on the location is ambiguous. The reasons why speculation points to the Dead Sea as being the location of Hell goes as follows: 1. It borders the land of Edom. 2. It's the lowest point on earth, and still sinking. 3. The unique thinning of the earth's crust beneath the Dead Sea. 4. It's a dead environment, very little grows there, and the element of salt which is there in great abundance could be an ingredient in brimstone.

On the other hand in terms of the future existence of heaven on earth, we find it foretold that a most elaborate temple will come down from heaven. A temple of Colossal dimensions. Made from very Extravagant materials which can only be comparable to what is known about heaven, the only place capable of creating such a structure. In that day the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords will have total dominion over the earth. It is written the Lord and savior will light the temple, and not with lights as we know them. This most remarkable and fascinating occurrence in which brightness emanating from his physical body (Morning Star body) will provide light for the new temple and kingdom is written about in Holy Scripture..

It may be difficult for us common mortals to conceive of such a thing, much less comprehend something this far beyond our understanding, and the rules pertaining to an immortals existence is far different than what we know. What we can say for sure concerning their existence is that they cannot die, are heavenly, and incorruptible.

Other supernatural abilities and characteristics of the blessed immortals will be explored and discussed maybe at some future date. We don't for a second pretend to know how immortals can do what they do, or why they are capable of powers far different than what we mortals are familiar with. Our approach is to outline when these immortals are expected to appear on earth. What they are expected to do when they return to the earth. Where in terms of location they are expected to appear, and Who they are according to prophecy. Possessing worldwide sovereignty forever, they will decree justice in the earth. Those whose name is found written in the Lambs book of life, these people will be most blessed living amongst the saints of the most high.

Those whose name is not found written in the book of life were found unworthy of experiencing the goodness and joy prepared for the faithful. They are considered chaff and will burn in great torment while in hell with Satan and his demons forever.

Some understanding of the story of Noah can serve to help one avoid the pitfalls that will occur with the next cleansing of the earth. For wickedness and corruption may be tolerated for a while, but the devastating consequences of God's justice when it arrives will be extremely horrible. The second death known as the living death is something the adversary wants to conceal in his quest for long term destruction of souls. Those who lived in the days of Noah before the great flood had little if any warning.

No prophets, No Holy books, No priest urging them to change their evil conduct. They had no historic record of the wrath of God being directed against the whole world for wickedness and corruption. We in this day (known as the lasts days) have many examples provided to us in Holy Scripture revealing how God condemns unacceptable conduct.

The warnings would come (from true prophets) informing the people to repent, and if they refused to change their evil ways they would be killed off, or punished in some way. The book of judges provides historic examples. Man has been given time to correct his behavior and precious time to amend his ways. Money, wealth, prestige, fame, and power has a huge down side, it can blind one to the wisdom of making efforts toward having one's name written in the Lamb's book of life. For the only true lasting wealth and glory is attained by having ones name written in this book. Forever is a concept that is talked about, but not so easy to define. I'll end this overview by commenting on forever.

If it were possible to take a narrow sheet of paper long enough to wrap around this globe a dozen times. One writes any number on one end of the paper, and continues adding zeros to this paper the dozen times it covers the perimeter of the earth. This would be an inconceivable number and such number would only begin to mark the years leading toward forever...eternity so vast. It's true everyone does not have the privilege of repentance; some people have been turned over to a reprobate mind. If one can repent Holy Scripture urges you to do so, for the time is short just as in the days of Noah.

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