the father of Deceit



It's a constant battle against all the lies put forth by the children of Satan, so it stands to reason that Holy Scripture itself has not been entirely untouched by those who seek to propagate falsehoods. However safeguards written into Holy Scripture helps one identify concepts that are inconsistent with the true meaning provided by the written word of God. It's clear that Satan is portrayed as darkness and not light, so the name "Lucifer" which means light bearer, or light bringer is exactly opposite of "darkness" which depicts Satan.

This word Lucifer only appeals once, in some versions and only twice in other versions of Holy Scripture, which stands in stark contrast to all the other descriptions of Satan and fallen angels that are more numerous, and in agreement in terms of the a definitive assessment of father of evil. So back around 382 AD when Pope Damascus had a scholar by the name of Jerome revised the Holy bible it makes perfect sense that the word "Lucifer" was erroneously added.


It must be pointed out that Satan as "light bearer" is inconsistent with truth and Holy Scripture, and at the same time Satan's backward portrayal of himself as being of light is a unmistakable character defect one can also find in those carrying out the works of Satan. Wanting to be known as bringing Illumination is based on the great envy Satan has for God who is the true light. So one finds some of the devil's most high ranking and trusted servants will also take on a title pertaining to illumination.

All is not lost by understanding the extent the which those working for Satan will go to present evil as good, even if it means altering the bible itself. With this type of attack on Scripture it should come as no surprise that one of satan's main strategies of deception is to present himself as being the exact opposite of what he actually is. At this point the entire world is temporally known as Satan's world not because it's true, but because of all the evil that flourishes in the world is absent of any widespread and overwhelming justice at this present time.


Characterized by sly and very subtle methods the adversary is extremely proficient in lies and deceit. From the first human beings who were created it was Satan that got the Adam and Eve restricted from the great blessing of dwelling in the garden of paradise. It was Satan's backward notion of "help" that brought death into the world by exposing mankind to the "knowledge of evil", which was never intended for the human family.

We find to this very day the claim of helping someone whether it's from a person, business, Government, religion etc may also be a way of mentally disarming and deceiving victims into thinking any help would be for their benefit, but far to often the hidden agenda is to control and manipulate. The twisted notion of accepting Satan's help or guidance for anything is a huge mistake, and those with the evil mission of carrying out the plans of the prince of darkness are lying when they claim to be working for our security or well-being. What could be further from the truth?

The father of evil has no intentions of "helping" anything or anyone outside it's own wicked agenda, and the notion Satan's help is completely absurd. It's from the spiritual realm (the true shadow government) that the devil operates from, and much of the deception happens as a result of the evil spirits that operate through people. For very good reasons the psalms opens with the instruction "Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly" Psalms 1:1.


Consider for an moment trying to perform simple tasks using the reflection of an mirror makes all movements to appear backward, or how the reflection in an mirror works to makes words appear backward. Those walking in the spirit of Satan will also display an impediment that can be recognized in human beings as an inverted sense of reality.

They possess backward logic in terms of "truth", and through this backward logic one can recognize the spirit of Satan embodied within human beings. They blame others for things they themselves are guilty of doing. Terrorism they have down to a science, from crude to technically superior terrorism.

If they are capable of dropping many tons of explosives from the sky why is it so easy to be misled by the same terrorist using their masonic operatives to plant explosive in sacred places, or crowded areas to play countries, religious groups, or various factions against each other?


The purpose of False-flag operations is always cloaked in secrecy and darkness, and this is standard operational procedure for Satanic cult members. Those sworn to secrecy by penalty of death have sold their immortal soul to devils, and few if any the understand the details of what it means to enter into a unending covenant with the adversary of all that's Holy.

Many people from birth have a predisposition for following Satan, and with idolatry already ingrained in their hearts through the love of money Satan has no real problems finding people to carrying out, and even delight in the works of evil. Some people will do almost anything as long they get paid. Every level of evil from spreading wicked lies through gossip to the destruction of families, terrible atrocities, and the destabilization of entire governments is to show ones willingness to sign on with Satan and accept his fate.


Of course those who have chosen to carry out Satan's plans for the world will put forth the pretense of aiding troubled area's, or the facade of helping around the world, but understand this is basically an Hollywood illusion. The secretary of State, the so-called president of the United States, and practically all politicians are involved in theater and are indeed actors and secret society members.

Those who are the walking talking embodiment of Satan will be huge thieves and liars. What they say publicly is one thing, but what they do is another thing and quite detestable...again one will find the Satanic trait of being "backward or opposite" of what they present themselves as being...just as Lucifer their father.

In the hierarchy of Satan's human family the top echelon will be shameless murderers. They commit murders directly and indirectly all over the world. They steal whole nations though usury, terrorism, destabilization campaigns, tyranny and every despicable trick known to the world can be found in Satan's political arsenal. So much evil throughout the world needs a political structure in attempting to achieve Satan's goal of world conquest, and the push toward world communism is the chosen structure, however world resistance to communism will bring about a very violent period in time called "the great tribulation".


Setting up central banks to ensure economic enslavement through usury, mergers, monopolies and sharp practice are carried out by those who are bound to a Satanic covenant. If they say they are bringing freedom, what they really mean is they're bringing oppression and economic slavery.

If they say they are providing security, what they mean is you will no longer be allowed the necessary tools for the God given right to defend oneself or family. If they say they are bringing liberty expect bloodshed, anarchy, the loss of rights and sovereignty. When they say they'll make life easier it's always the opposite, expect usury the loss of property and bankruptcy. Deception is the unmistakable right arm of the devil.

"With Satan one will find things which appear to reflect prosperity in the short term are only disguises for long-term disaster". The time of One's natural lifespan is comparable to a drop of water versus all the oceans and the 7 seas, however the big lie proclaiming you only live once has deceived many.

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Matthew 4:8-9


This particular verse of scripture speaks of how the devil attempted to deceive the son of God our savior into "following" him, although the word "worship" is used, in practical terms, they both have the same meaning. Also understand the same offer has been made to those who have excepted Satan's offer.

It is true Satan was allowed a small period of time to reign over the earth, him being immortal and living over thousands of centuries (possibly eons of existence) he has acquired much knowledge, and has Satan given this knowledge to man in a similar way that prophets and Holy men were spoken to by God?

It's not unreasonable to suggest those who have acquired knowledge used for evil can be rightfully called the children of Satan! It's also any-body's guess the type of influence Satan had on Mankind's need to develop nuclear weapons and other sub-human inventions, but the fact remains hi-tech is used for evil.


The point being man was given dominion over the earth, and this dominion has been stripped away with ease by something very skilled in evil works, and the reality is true and verifiable that Satan has dominion over the kingdoms of the earth. The direction for which the world is moving toward is just the opposite of what God intented as Holy Scripture reveals, and this path of total ruin is of Satan and makes a detour to the bowels of hell.

This dominion over the world at this time is from the Spiritual realm, and mankind is only flattering himself to believe that mortals are in control of the world. The Shadow Government is spiritual and ran by Satan and rest of the fallen angels, and the human beings who think they are in control are essentially hijacked puppets carrying out the plans of demons, and as Satan's time gets shorter the great wickedness of his methods will become completely overt worldwide.

For good people not to stand up against evil only encourages corruption and the spread of Satan's control. Keeping in mind the prince of darkness being thoroughly depraved and far below any standard of ethics, will use all types of nefarious coercion to realize his evil design for the governance of the world.