"Extravagent Materials"

As it's written in Holy Scripture The twelve foundations of the temple will represent the twelve tribes of Israel, each foundation is to be constructed of precious stones. Holy Scripture has provided the names of some of the materials to be used in the contruction of this elaborate Temple. The enormous amounts the the materials known to us as precious stones are mere examples of what the Temple may look like, however the variety of precious stones in each catagory gives us only an idea about the appearance of the temple, not a definitive description.

The first being Jasper stone these are some examples: the first known as Ocean Jasper, the second, the Third Red Jasper, the fourth Leopard Jasper, and Rainforest Jasper.

The second foundation also made of precious materials known as sapphire, the small stones made of Sapphire are examples what the second story will consist of: 1. Blue Sapphire, 2. Cut and polished Sapphires in the variety of colors of Sapphire. 3. Red or Pink Sapphires known as Rubies. 4. A Blue, Star Sapphire.

The third foundation will made made from precious material known as Chalcedony, which is a term covering a variety of quartz gemstones, the appearance of these stones come in a many colors and designs. These are some examples:

tn_agates (6K) tn_agates_6 (4K) tn_agates2 (6K) tn_chalcedony (2K)

The fourth foundation will be made of Emerald, a form of Beryl known for the green color

tn_emerald1 (5K) tn_emerald (6K) tn_emerald (6K)

The fifth foundation to be comprised of precious stone called Sardonyx. The word Sardonyx is derived from the Greek, Sard meaning "reddish brown," and onyx meaning "veined gem."

tn_sardonyx07 (5K) tn_sardonyx5 (4K) tn_sardonxy3 (6K) tn_sardonyx4 (3K)

The sixth foundation is called Sardius these are some examples:

tn_sardius6 (5K) tn_carelian (7K) tn_sardius8 (3K) tn_sardius9 (3K)

The seventh foundation consist of the material called Chrysolite; also known as Peridot when in gem quality is devived from the mineral called Olivine.

tn_peridot21 (2K) tn_chrysolite4 (6K) tn_peridot56 (3K) tn_peridot4 (3K)

The eighth foundation of the temple will be made of beryl:

tn_yellowberyl (4K) tn_yellowberyl1 (3K) tn_beryl3 (3K) tn_beryl5 (8K)

The ninth foundation will be Topaz. We have here blue Topaz, some a aqua type blue, some almost clear, and champaign Topaz.

tn_topaz-blue (6K) tn_blue-topaz1 (3K) tn_champaign-topaz (4K) tn_blue-topaz2 (3K)

The tenth foundation will be Chrysoprasus; also known as Chrysoprase defined as being in appearance similar to a golden leek, or a precious stone of the colour of leek's juice, a greenish-golden colour, however another variety called Lemon-chrysoprase also exists having a much lighter color.

tn_chrysoprase_lg (5K) tn_chrysoprase1 (3K) tn_lemonchrysoprase (5K) tn_chrysoreasus2 (3K)

The eleventh floor will be made of precious stone Jacinth which has a appearance such as this:

tn_zircon650 (5K) tn_zircon6a (8K) yellowjacinth (3K) clear jacinth (7K)

The twelve foundation will be made of Amethyst:

tn_amethyst (6K) Tn_amethyst1 (5K) tn_amethyst2 (8K) tn_amethyst3 (4K)

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