Acute Adverse Effects From Fluoride Intake:
Double-Blind Experiments & Case Histories

  1. The Netherlands

    Dr. Hans Moolenburgh organized a group of practitioners and researchers to study the effects of fluoridation on health. After unblinded tests on skeptical General Practitioners which showed negative health effects (similar to low-grade poisoning), he conducted a double-blind experiment:

    Needless to say, The Netherlands banned toxic fluoride compounds from their water supply.

  2. United States

    Dr. George L. Waldbott noted a women experiencing muscular weakness and headaches from drinking fluoridated water. After four weeks of avoidance of fluoride-containing products, she had a dramatic recovery. Dr. Waldbott published this case history in the International Achives of Allergy and Applied Immunology, Volume 7, pages 70-74, 1955.

    After that time, Dr. Waldbott founded the International Society for Fluoride Research. He published over 80 clinical reports and conducted double-blind studies which proved that water fluoridation causes adverse effects such as muscular weakness, thyroid problems, symptoms mimicing osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal disturbances, and a myriad of other health problems. He published these results in respected medical journals. He also coathured a book about his experiences with Professors A.W. Burgstahler and H.L. McKinney of the University of Kansas entitled "Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma" (Coronado Press, c1978).

  3. Others

    "In or own practice, we have run down cases of hives, behavior problems, and several patients which others had labeled neurotics to be due to fluoride intoxication." Allergist Dr. Jonathan Forman from "Fluoride: The Aging Factor" by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis.

    There are many others who have noticed cases of serious adverse effects from fluoridation, many which cleared up on removal of fluoride products and predictably returned upon the reintroduction of fluoride products.

  4. Sample Case History

    My name is Deloss E. Winkler. I was born February 4, 1914, on a farm five miles north of Atchison, Kansas. My early schooling was in a one-room brick school house. I graduated from Atchison High School in 1932 in a class of 130 students. The next two years I was enrolled as a student at St. Benedicts College in Atchison, Kansas, and then went to the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Lansas, for my junior and senior years, graduating in 1936 with a major in organic chemistry.

    I taught high school classes in Potter, Kansas, for one year, and that summer worked for the American Can Company in Maywood, Illinois, west of Chicago as a chemist in the Coatings Department.

    In the fall I returned to the University of Kansas to work toward an advanced degree. To help with expenses I was able to obtain a position as an Assistant Instructor in the Chemistry Department, which I held for two years, and then was given a two-year State Industrial Fellowship. I received a Masters Degree in 1939 and a Ph.D. in 1941 with a major in organic chemistry and a minor in metallurgy.

    In June of 1941 I began working for Shell Development Company in Emeryville, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work was considered vital to the war effort so I was never inducted into the armed forces. I started at Shell as an organic chemist, but gradually gravitated toward plastics, rubber, and polymers in general.

    I have thirty-eight patents and fourteen publications in scientific journals.

    In 1970 I retired from Shell when Shell decided to move its laboratories from Emeryville to Houston, Texas, but soon accepted a position as a polymer chemist with Beckman Instruments in Palo Alto, California.

    When I started work in Palo Alto, I suffered a series of sick spells which might be described as "flu-like", in which I experienced chronic fatigue, muscular weakness, and muscular aches. The fatigue and muscle weakness was so overwhelming that I was unable to perform any normal task and was forced to stay in bed for a week each time, until I gained the strength to return to work. This occurred about once a month, so during my first eight months with Beckman Instruments I was absent from work twenty-five percent of the time and *never* felt up to par. Doctors in Palo Alto and at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland were unable to help me, and I was beginning to despair of ever being well again. Was I going to live----or die?

    When my wife, who had studied fluoridation for a number of years, learned that Palo Alto water was artificiall fluoridated, she suggested that I carry unfluoridated water from our home in Orinda to Palo Alto for drinking. The result was truly miraculous and I was able to lead a normal life again.

    Consultation with The Physicians Desk Reference revealed that my problem was fluoride poisoning. Now, because of my sensitivity to fluoride, when I travel I must buy distilled water whenever I am in a fluoridated area; and at home, now that East Bay Municipal Utility District water is fluoridated (since 1976), we distill all our drinking and cooking water.

    Fifteen years ago, to test our diagnosis, I took part in a double blind test in which I was given a one week supply of water at a time, sometimes fluoridated with 1 ppm fluoride using hydrofluosilici acid, sometimes not. (Hydrofluosilicic acid is the compound used by East Bay Municipal Utility District to fluoridate.) Neither the doctor nor I knew which water was fluoridated as a third person determined this. My body accurately identified the water containing the fluoride.

    In my opinion, a public water district should not use a procedure which has the known possibility of harming any of the people using it. In the case of fluoride, not fluoridating the public water supply will not cancel anyone's opportunity to u se fluorides from many other sources if they so choose, but it will respect the right of the individual who wants to avoid fluoride.

    Submitted to Gerard F. Judd
    June 7, 1994
    Signed DeLoss E. Winkler